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  1. Lol. . . relax, you God-less heathen. I've been busy working, I'll attend to my fantasy teams presently.
  2. Dog, answer my counter trade, let's do business you infuriating old man
  3. It is a really stong form of indoctrination .... Just my opinion obviously! But I find it ironic that you are taught to rise up against tyranny and be fearful of an oppressive government and socialism, yet you blindly obey a state run police force that appears to be hugely overstepping the boundaries that they would have in most other western countries! Freedom might be the greatest lie ever sold.
  4. Saw your posts in the United thread. To answer your question, yes, sadly it is true-- a lot of Americans are sheep who think you should shut up and do whatever a cop tells you. That's how they were raised. Our educational system is shit, mate.
  5. He is the tits.
  6. Love ozzy man lmao
  7. Love it.
  8. Yeah , thought I would try to provoke a reaction lol
  9. Dave, got one more book for ya. Mark Twain is maybe the quintessential American writer. Pick up a copy of Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
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