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  1. That's fantastic!
  2. If you have Twitter go to I was the nut case with the # 94 jersey and he came to me....
  3. Happy holidays, lady! Hope it's wonderful for you and yours!
  4. Yes, he does, that's why I'm nervous about it being true. *hugs* Hope you are well, girlie!
  5. This is still making me are a true Gem.... What a weird's tough when you see a game that everyone had a complete game.
  6. Oh girl....that is a image I won't be able to forget for a long time....You are something else..... just too funny....
  7. As I read through it, I was wondering what color each of their rulers were! Have a great night, doll! *hug*
  8. You just made me spit on my screen......oh man.....I needed're the best darling! We love our Broncos no matter what....yeah I get frustrated but I don't pretend to really understand the in and out of this game....I just love them. Get some rest....working day tomorrow.
  9. It's like they're all standing around with a ruler measuring their privates. Ridiculious!
  10. the game day thread....dang those boys are there more?.....oh heavens girl
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