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  1. Good to hear about the talent part....I have felt like we have missed something lately. I'm still bummed....I am trying to be positive but I really do not understand. Watching the Atlanta game is not helping.
  2. I'm good. Busy busy which drains me, and this sickness that I've had has really taken a toll. But things are good and the outlook is great! Hahaha good luck wth it. It's like losing, it's never fun. I'm excited for the draft and FA. Vance has a great eye for talent!! We happen to have a ton of picks too. We could walk away with 5 starters from this draft and Elway said we are going to be players in FA. Quite exciting
  3. Are you OK??? It's been a really weird week. I'm just going to try to go with the flow.... It's my lesson in acceptance with something I have no control over.....I suck at acceptance BTW...
  4. That was a lot of fun!! Yes, we should! Grilling/tailgating for a practice- hahahahaha.

    I live like 6 min from camp now, so itll be real easy. I doubt it will but you never know. Miss you around here. Hope everything is going very well. Gary too! This summer should be fun if we keep wade and Elway has the coaches doing what Elway thinks is best. I think another camp tailgate will be in order!
  5. Just posted on Dogs page.... I had such a good time when we all went to that open practice down at the stadium. Dog is such a good cook...we need to get together again....I really do miss you guys. At least lets try to go to camp this year... To be honest I'm hoping nothing changes with things like camp...I really enjoy it, yeah it's about me...
  6. I look at it as the whole ying yang thing.... I can really enjoy the good because the pain of the bad is still real. Being numb like I was right she died kept me from feeling take care and know I'm here if you ever need to pm.
  7. Thanks P, you're so awesome! Sorry to hear it affects your bday
  8. I just read on things that suck that the one year came up....It's just not easy....I miss my mom like crazy and it's been 16 years. My birthday is the was always our celebration. Big hugs buddy.
  9. Look at you P!

    That is awesome. Of course you would be one to wait in rain outside. Very very cool. Were you the first one quoted?
  10. So I'll share with a couple of you...on the news's the link:
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