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  1. True, but we can easily dispatch their arguments so they don't have any excuses. But, more importantly, we can also be sort of cordial and at least put the information out there.
  2. Lol. Can't expect people with closed eyes to see
  3. I couldn't help myself.
  4. You are not a bad person. Why are you asking? You are pompous, and like to grandstand, and sometimes appear very blinkered and unnecessarily obtuse - but not a bad person.
  5. Val, am I actually a bad person? Like, am I bad at being a person? Am I a bad person in that I am a bad one in my actions? Both? I'm just curious.
  6. Just got lucky with some quips!!
  7. Why are you so strong today?
  8. Like I said mate, all strategies are useful, they all get us something at some point (even ptsd symptoms). But eventually the strategy needs to change, especially if you want a different outcome. While it's not easy, it is that straight forward. People just need the inclination to change, which usually only happens at the point of total crisis... And they have to work with ballbags like me!!!
  9. I do consider when I'm wrong - but if I think I'm right, or if it's an opinion, I feel like I 'cannot' back down. But the cycle I've identified goes as follows: I argue with someone; they argue back; I argue; they argue; argument ends; we argue more on different subjects; this repeats a lot; people point out I argue a lot; I say why is it so bad because you guys argue with me; I forget that I have this ability to almost make other people argue with me; frustration.
  10. I know mate. Obviously I totally agree with you on this. I just can't be bothered arguing the point with people who are never going to move on the issue (although AZ might change slightly)
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