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  1. hope it runs in the family...., hey I am really sorry about your Mom. The thing that helped me was taking things one day at a time and trying to remember that what was happening I had no control over. It's really hard when you feel like you are having to make it all work, you are in my prayers...p
  2. Dang PN, that's impressive. roofing at 85. I did a bit of that in my early 40's and it was tough. I've seen folks where they get to a place where they can't do much anymore and the just give up. Nice to see he still has that fire.
  3. Oh I forgot to tell you that 3 weeks after he had recovery from the 2nd surgery he roofed his house and he's like 85. Oh well, at least he did't fall off. I do think in his case the not being able to do anything was killing him faster.....
  4. Thanks PN, I relate to the Medicare thing. She was working until the "accident". so those bills were covered for the most part. This hip thing is all medicare. UGGGG. Thanks for the prayers
  5. I'm so sorry about you're Mom. It's just so hard with parents. My Dad was hospitalized 5 times in 7 weeks and the bills. yikes! Since he only has basic Medicare, it's like 100 / month for forever, well no but I know you understand. You are so in my prayers, please take care of
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