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  1. Just hoping that we can win three or four more games and get to the playoffs.
  2. King how are you Bro

    Busy with work rarely able to get on here

    Bought a notebook so I can sometimes get on while at work (like right now)

  3. My man how have you been?
  4. Thanks man. It sucked. Oh well, better year than I expected.
  5. My condolences King. That was tough to watch.
  6. Thanks my man, I think we'll end up scraping the Jets off the ground. They had to show us a lot of their scheme, and to top it all off Sanchez is going to eventually have to throw the ball.
  7. Here's to your team beating the NYJ's brains in. I hope Ocho burns Revis all day. God I hate them. They're ALREADY talking about 1969 here and how good they looked against Cinci, even though they obviously were playing like it was preseason. My cell was going all night with texts from these arrogant ****s. It's sickening. Hope they're brought crashing down to Earth by the Cats.

    Happy New Year and Good Luck to your Boys the rest of the way, especially if they meet SD.

  8. We both experienced tough, tough losses to take today. F***.

    RIP Henry too. Obviously we know what it's like to lose players tragically. I thought that would've really pushed Cincy over the edge and they would've gotten the win. Oh well.

    Hoep you have a great Christmas Holiday season.
  9. Ahh thanks for inquiring Bro I appreciate it. She's doing better now. Still in a bit of pain from four incisions from surgery but she'll be ok. A relative said his gall bladder was the most pain he's ever experienced, and he was shot in the gut in Vietnam!

    Thanks again for asking I really appreciate it.

    Good luck to your Boys the rest of the way!
  10. How's your girlfriend doing Shazam? She's in my prayers.
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