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  1. I did. I hope they catch whoever was responsible. I don’t know of you remeber the sub burning in Newport News but it was also arson, guy wanted out of work early, set a fire.
  2. Did you see this? Arson suspected as cause of ship fire at San Diego Navy base
  3. Thanks, brother.
  4. I did not! Damnit! Thanks for the heads up Broseph!
  5. That's because nothing else rocks 1/2 as much!
  6. Huh. We should talk at some point. Considering my age, I'm not sure if my options for changing industries are great, but always open to investigating options! I have a good 10-15 years left in me!
  7. Always have sales opportunities out there!
  8. Fixed. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Random lock of the Politics thread?
  10. He's clearly a left over from the previous administration.
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