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  1. I definitely feel MUCH better about this team than I did a year ago. I’m excited for the future and looking forward to seeing how Vic and John build this team together! Have a happy New Year Pola, hope to see you next year! Mark the Saints game on your calendar when the schedule comes out!
  2. It's so cool to be excited again. I'm glad we finally have a Coach and a QB. This team is so young I'm glad I'll get to see them grow. Have a very, very Happy New Years!
  3. Always and anytime! Sorry you didn't have the day you planned, especially so close to the holidays. I completely get it on there age, I can't believe I'm in my 40s and still feel in my 20s most times. And then after a workout I can't move and go, yep, I'm in my 40s and an a heart patient. Lol
  4. Thanks for just being there on my Birthday. The storm messed up my plans. Then I went to my son's on Weds and I had a migraine the whole day, which totally sucked. My brother never texted, fb or anything this time. That did sting. I can't believe I'm already 60. I feel mid 40's most days. Anyway I really appreciate you caring, hugs.
  5. I'm sure he isn't, but he certainly isn't an unsavory character either. If you root for guys that cheat, are involved in off field incidents, e.t.c. you shouldn't be criticizing the character of guys that might not be as great as they seem but certainly aren't bad people
  6. FYI Watt's is not that nice in person. I loved what he did for Houston after the flood. He's a amazing player. But the person......ummm not so much unless there is a camera around. It really bummed me out, I was really looking forward to meeting him in Phoenix at that Super Bowl. Afterwards I went that was no fun and he was down right rude to several really nice people around me. But we can keep that between us....LOL
  7. Sorry to hear that, glad you two are getting back to normal and doing better. Losing a parent is tough, no matter the age.
  8. Gary's Dad became ill when we were driving WA at the end of Feb. We got home he left to TX and was there a week before he dad died. So he stayed in TX to help his Mom till the very end of May. It was rough, so many things went wrong at the house I did 12 shows out of state & went to TX for the funeral in that time and he took a leave of absence so no wages for that whole time. We are finally getting back to "normal" and back on our feet money wise.. So much better now and that's why no camp reports this year...still recovering and needed to be self fish and just get my football signed...LOL hugs.
  9. I am, but not until December. Unfortunately with just retiring and starting the new job I can't away just yet. How have you been?
  10. Are you coming out this year? I had a long talk with Sandy Clough and wow found out a few things.... but would prefer to talk in person. Plus I need my hug....later sweetie.
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