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  1. Abe, I still think you're a good man, and I still love you. I went back to P and R to prove something to myself. I am, however, still glad to be your ally.
  2. You don't know me!

    Be well my friend.
  3. Abe, you're a good man, and I love you.
  4. He's there but it's gotten barren!
  5. Did NTL leave?
  6. I have no allies in P&R anymore. It's a madhouse. May be time to disengage from the echo chamber.
  7. The arguments that the Trump Administration lawyers have to make in order to support that position are horrendous. I do appellate/federal court competitions...I've done well at competitions. I'm not an expert at it, or that great...but I don't see how any lawyer that ever lived could make those arguments successfully. But, those are the positions the lawyers have to take in order for their argument to 'work'.

    That's about as nice as I can be. I doubt that lady is a bad lawyer...just has to represent an awful position that is illogical to an extreme.
  8. I'm gonna need you to grade the lawyering skills here:
  9. He's pretty dumb and can't understand why he's wrong. So, he truly does think that he's right. Of course he's the way that he is.
  10. He is a loser.
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