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  1. I knew your comment was tongue in cheek dude - but mine wasn't and i did not think the members of BF would appreciate that view point in open forum outside P+R. Hence the MHS. Back to my point though - it is unreal, i am not sure what perspective you guys are getting inside the states - but did you know Germany has now announced they are drawing up a politcal strategy that treats America as an adversary for the first time since WW2.......this shit is getting crazy
  2. I love that LP - his voice is awesome. I will check out those guys you mentioned. I am not a big Tom Waits fan, like his voice, but his music is too dull for me.
  3. Not bad. Listening to his LP The Last Pale Light in the West right now. I like the contrast of the looseness and rambling nature of the vocals and lyrics with the really tight, sharp guitar playing. That's a really interesting aspect. Reminds me a little of Tom Waits, although I'm not overly familiar with a lot of his work. Sounds like Dylan if Dylan was from Santa Fe or was a trucker. I can't think of anyone real similar off the top of my head. Ben Kweller is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, and there's some similarities there. Try Marc Broussard. Dude from northern Louisiana, he's got some amazing vocals. The musical backing is a little more produced on Kweller and Broussard than on Nichols stuff. You probably are already familiar with Michael Kiwanuka, the Brit singer/songwriter. I like him.
  4. hey MO - you seem to have a good taste (well at least similar to mine) in music, check out Shelter by Ben Nichols. Tell me what you think and if you know of any artists similar to this let me know, as i can not get enough of it!
  5. Listening now...thanks
  6. hey MOseph - check this link out - you will love it
  7. totally understand - and agree. At first i was just curious about a questions, and had hoped not to get dragged in, but that does not seem to be working out so well!
  8. Yeah mate - you have the money and the man power - so why not. My poor third world nation can just about afford to supply us with boots.
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