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  1. Lol! No one got dunked on. I deleted because i went off attacking when i shouldn't have. My actions were out of line. That's why i deleted.
  2. Yay!!!!!!!!! Go wade, talib and cj!
  3. He's disgusting! Thank the lord I'll never meet him, is honestly be afraid for my own safety.
  4. It's scary that he thinks like that. I didn't respond to his bullshit about her deserving to be raped because I was just going to go off.
  5. Holy shit...that's ******* scary that he's on the street. Wow, just wow.
  6. I don't deserve that shit. That like hurts my ******* heart. He does wrong then comes at me with a low blow bullshit comment. I try to be as fair as possible. I call everyone out for wrong shit, friend or not. I've called you on shit and you're one of my best friends here. I've railed on you. Don't come at me with that clique bs.
  7. It was ****** up. But no one else questions your integrity. Because you have it - and it's one of the reasons you're beloved.

    You can even ask Matt - I'm appreciative of the job you've done. So are most people. But you're not going to be confronted with the positive as much because as a mod you deal with the negative. But we do love you. I've never lied to you.
  8. Nah, that's ****** up. Question my integrity with a ******* clique comment like that. ******* sick of being a mod and taking shit like that for doing a ******* job.
  9. Run someone off? Asking someone to not troll every single thread and not insult someone personally (inferring I'm somehow a bandwagon fan, I'm not a man, how Dodger fans are all gang members and violent, and some 'big city commentary' that reeked of political violations) isn't running someone off. No. I won't capitulate. If 'running someone off' is literally reporting posts as requested by the mods and literally going "Hey man, could you please stop?" then sure, that's running someone off. But that's just not what that is. Sometimes one person is in the right and the other person is in the wrong. And sometimes the person in the right isn't going to falsely take blame for something they didn't do. If you don't know what the comments were, and if you don't know how extensive the trolling was (how long is a season again) maybe you shouldn't throw people under the bus. It bums me out because when I was 'going about it the right way' I was literally doing it so as not to burden the board's mods. Your opinion is duly noted.
  10. This board is small enough, we don't need to run each other off. Just some childish ass shit from both sides.
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