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  1. No worries man. Its all good.
  2. None at all man.
  3. LOL. Just so you know, I don't think I've EVER reported a post. I was being kind of a dick to you, but I also know you can take it.

    No hard feelings!
  4. Yea, apparently when i was being sarcastic with you about typing on my damn phone and called you a dick (because you were impatient with my response to CC) that apparently awarded me a CYP from Nynja. lol
  5. It wont ruin our friendship but you were wrong. When you wake from your sleepy stupor you will know that im right.
  6. Do people have to post a certain way? No. Was your comment unnecessary? Yes. Instead of spending 3-4 pages of bitching at each other Davii could of easily nipped the whole thing in a bud and kept it on topic. You and Davii may not like hearing that but if you cant logically look at what im saying and agree than i really dont know what to tell you. As i stated before virtually every thread on this forum has people with varying comments so there was no need to come in and try to tell people which thread they should or should not post in. You didnt break any rules Joe but it really was unnecessary. Oh, and it doesnt have a thing to do with national pride. I love my country but just dont care for the Olympics overall outside of a couple of sports.
  7. PS - I love ya, man. Let's not let ANY conversation come between our e-friendship!
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