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  1. I hope you have been well also... I have high hopes for the Broncs, now if they beat Pittsburgh they will have done some of their part..

    Bronco Bible
  2. I hpe you are well BB. I miss the old days of Plummer and a real offense. Oh well..........
  3. John,
    I also am proud that the good people of Mass. finally took off the blinders and showed this is not the hope and change they signed on for I salute your good state........

    David (Bronco Bible)
  4. Today I am proud to be part of MA for once. Justice was served with S Brown winning. Take care my friend........john
  5. Consider it done...I did not realize you were not feeling up to snuff, Ihope your feeling better.
    David (Bronco Bible)
  6. Hey David, need to root for my Canes tonight for a fan. At least you can see them play if you want to lol. take care, John
  7. Thanks John
    David (Bronco Bible)
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