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  1. Let's just hope for better days ahead. I need some joy on Sundays to make it through the week. Football isn't necessary but it such helps to be happier the rest of the week. Have a great weekend.
  2. Ive certainly heard things like that as well. I think UR even pointed to something like that being the case.
  3. I heard on the radio that Trevor Lawrence may have to have someone undo that damage that been done in Jacksonville. It does matter, shocking, right LOL
  4. I hope you have a great xmas and New Year too Pola!

    And yea, Jones might end up becoming something but he was put in the best possible situation for any rookie QB. If he had been drafted by Jacksonville he wouldnt look like the smartest or most accurate QB in the NFL. Coaching and the type of organization you go to matters.
  5. Oh and Merry Christmas, I hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
  6. I heard on the radio that the Pats took a chance on Jones. They didn't trade to move up so it's not that this was their guy that they had to have. He was available and so they took him. I thought that was really interesting. Plus like you said they have great coaching and their D is super strong this year. On any other team I'm not sure he would look like he is the answer.
  7. Very true Pola, very true.
  8. I'm serious when I say I got that feeling that Rogers wants to come here. Now GB could force him to retire, but once he makes up his mind he is over it. Finding out his lady lives in CO gave me goosebumps. I had this feeling for Peyton and I've got it again. Drew is a fighter and if he is who we end up with he will give it his all this year. But even he would understand if he was replaced by Rogers.
  9. Sorry to hear about all that.
  10. Actually just happened to see it on my fb feed. Thought it was really cool as well.
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