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  1. I wish part of draft culture was admitting you were wrong in the past - I had forgotten how badly, for instance, Detroit was lambasted for taking Ziggy Ansah, and he turned into a pretty ******* top flight pass rusher.

    If I am on wrong on Andrews, I will apologize to him via twitter.
  2. 15: R1p15
    wr jerry jeudy
    46: R2p14
    cb bryce hall
    47: R2p15
    edge terrell lewis
    65: R3p1
    wr bryan edwards
    south carolina
    77: R3p13
    lb troy dye
    78: R3p14
    s terrell burgess
    83: R3p19
    rb clyde edwards-helaire
    95: R3p31
    cb lamar jackson
    107: R4p1
    ot jack driscoll
    118: R4p12
    g logan stenberg
    119: R4p13
    dl rashard lawrence

    This report reads like Sambrailo, which is where I got my first impression from.
  4. PFF doesn’t have Ezra ranked but give him a 4th round grade and eventual starter, he reads like Bolles but without the 10 cent head and penalties.
  5. McVay is lucky I came around.
  6. Nah, just have him bulk up a bit like McVay does in LA. That's the nice adaptation of that scheme he made. Literally he took your criticism back from what, 12 years ago and was like "Jaded right." That's one of the moments that made me know you were as legitimate of a football guy as anyone else in (mostly) the media/boards/opinion factories.
  7. Hopefully with Minnesota where Kubiak loves those kinds of OL.
  8. Nah. He's going to be fine as a starter.
  9. Then he’s a backup at T.
  10. He's got too much talent to waste at guard - he has enough skill to be a LT. He will always be iffy in run coverage though.
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