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  1. Oh for sure dude, ive heard of that place. Missy would dig it too we just need to find some time to plan a trip out there.
  2. Next time you are in Denver we have to check this out!
  3. No problem man, just wanted to be sure you got it.
  4. I did! Thank you sir!
  5. Did you get that code i sent you via PM Shakey?
  6. I get it though, I remember being defensive about Obama's tan suits and dad jeans so I can only imagine what it feels like!
  7. I agree, the RIGHT has become so defensive (some of it legitimate and some not) that i think their denial will be strong which is unfortunate. The truth is what should matter regardless.
  8. Nay, Love it and like it.
  9. No worries. Lol
  10. Thanks man! I just like talking to you freaks and want to make sure I don't come across as a rabid left wing zealot!
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