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  1. Yup, reported my posts about “no more white dudes” and “he’s not white” kind of shit, shit I meant/mean but still just jokes.
  2. He got pissed at white people jokes?

    Here’s draft order and who they play, looks more promising next week.
  4. We got Mc******!
  5. Dude! I’m sorry, Atlanta and Jagoffs won too. Please forgive me, my petulance know no bounds.
  6. All except the team that beat us.
  7. Really? Every. single. team. ahead. of. us. lost....god ******* mother ******* dammit.
  8. They’ll have to deal with me, physically.
  9. They've tried. It only makes me more Kingier than before.
  10. I love his talent, I don’t love the offense he comes from. I think that is the same you’re saying.
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