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  1. It's not even him, I have the hotty Mc hotties for Adam driver.
  2. Hard till about 20, likes so till 22ish. Nah, local small stuff.
  3. Me too. How long did you stay at it after you hit 18? Did you ever get out to any of the big parties like Babylon, Skylab, the Sun or the Moon?
  4. I usually ended up wherever our crowd was. I friggen loved dancing, that's all I cared about. Got into a lot of bad shit, but **** if it wasn't fun at the time.
  5. I got here in '97. Was much more into the underground, all-night party scene than the clubs, but we also spent our share of time at synergy, tracks, even amsterdam. We went anywhere that had the DJs we wanted to see, and I never paid to get in anywhere. Incredibly fun times, for sure!
  6. I had a lot of fun at that club!
  7. It surprises me that some still don't get that I'm "rough around the edges" as one of the heathens here said last week. Like duh. ...I've been that for the last decade.
  8. Oh hell no. Don't you dare. Tone down for what??!
  9. I should tone down at some point! But not right now!
  10. Hell yea i would!
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