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  1. Hell yea i would!
  2. Half full? We're in better shape than that, for reals though. Our absolute WORST scenario is narrowly missing the playoffs and still being the class of the West, with the best overall roster. I doubt it happens, though. Let's see a couple weeks with GK back in the driver's seat before we fire up the pitchforks, mmmkay?
  3. You and your damn cup half full optimism!
  4. Pfft! Raiders! In week five. Let me know next time they and Jack of the River's sorry ass win a game that actually means something.

  5. No, because the road game record is now done and the ****tard Raiders are in first place. It's like hell has frozen over.
  6. You sassy vixen! It wasn't nearly as bad as all that. We most likely win that game w/ Gary on the sideline. Even the sad sack Sparkies get a bounce or two once in a while. Come on, can't you be happy for decent fans like SanLuis? Tonight was their Super Bowl.
  7. I mean I get we'll lose games, but I can't stand looking terrible doing it. Kicking and screaming, not whimpering and getting throat punched.
  8. Lil! I was basically doing the same.'s funny watching him debate mediocre players and coaches! Troll on, buddy!
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