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  1. We're all good my friend.
  2. Gonna apologize to you again - my bad brother.
  3. Jeudy is a great router runner, 4.4 speed, good hands, can block, and is sort of like a Marvin Harrison type of guy but bigger. Lamb is a really nice rounter runner, he's not a burner he's a 4.5 guy, but he can jump, get separation, and is just kind of like a more polished and gifted version of Michael Irvin.

    Both are SUPER hard workers and have no red flags (at least that are known) and those two are super safe picks. Jeudy is my preference because I think he can do a little more on the field, but Lamb might be the most complete player. If either of them weren't Pro Bowl caliber players it's probably due to injuries/bad luck.
  4. That's good to hear. If he works hard and is a good dude I will root my butt off for him.

    Do you know much about the other top WRs?
  5. He plays to honor a fallen family member and was a known hard worker. When he talks he's a quiet but engaged person. He is definitely a pretty sharp guy and doesn't shy away from playing over the middle.

    He can run routes pretty well. Not like Marvin Harrison but not like an awkward glorified returner.
  6. Honestly I don't know much about him. I know he's very fast and was super productive in College. He seems Tyreek Hill-ish. It's a copycat league. We have our Mahomes-ish guy now maybe we try to get our Hill-ish guy. Hopefully he's a better person off the field than that scumbag though.
  7. Am I way out there on Ruggs? What do you think about him?
  8. You too man. This is the scariest shit I can remember.
  9. Be safe, bro.

    I just wanted your take on the apparent actions of the attorney in this horribly sad story. Obviously we don't have all the facts but it sure seems like the lawyer told a bunch of thugs who the witness was. Just seems awful.
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