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  1. Lol, i didnt take any offense to it.
  2. shit north, I called you a coksuker in a post. I have been using that term a lot lately, as one of endearment for the most part, in this case for sure. couldn't find the post, but when you happen across it, please keep in mind.
  3. I had a friend years ago who's family was from Germany and i just started to get into soccer then and latched on to that team.
  4. Its all good man. Just figured you had other plans or got busy.
  5. dang north, I was just going through my messages and missed an invite to the superbowl last janury. certainly didn't mean to no respond, not sure how I missed that, if I did. but sorry I did
  6. That should read "have" a couple of beers. lol
  7. Nah, we aint doing nothing but watching. You want to come over and how a couple of beers and watch it with us? Would be cool to hook up with you again, been a while. lol
  8. north you guys doing anything for the game?. I'm not, just watching, can't friggen wait. feeling better about the outcome as the week has prgressed
  9. I get the impression he's kindofa a know it alland gets on people's nerves? I guess I haven't experienced the bad part of the poster, I'll take your word for it though
  10. Yes. I know you like to lighten the mood but in this case that guy isnt worth it man.
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