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  1. F u c k i n g
  2. Gem, what is the ****** mean (your response to my crude remark in Random thoughts thread). just curious, no big deal
  3. Everyone is puttin asterisks next to Patriots for all their cheating.
  4. I don't use half the shit the phone is capable of doing.
  5. Thanks Andy! I appreciate that...I don't have a choice, too many people depending on me to stay down for long.
  6. It's going alright.
  7. oh hey Gem, yeah, I gave up posting for lent, then work got slow. how are things going for you?
  8. Miss you, ya fag!
  9. just effin the dog on a Friday afternoon. have to get some shit done before I can leave, started to do that. got about 5 minutes to troll, then back to the lab for another few minutes and repeat
  10. What up, cracka!
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