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  1. its was awesome gapper - i would love to make it out next year, but the reality is that i wont be able to afford it, maybe 2017, maybe an east coast game, but i will definitely be back in Denver at some stage
  2. Yeah mate, if i am honest alot of his stuff is kind of "out there" and just a bit weird, but i really liked the fall, i thought it mixed the perfect amount of history, psychology and philosphy
  3. dave, I did not know that. that's weird, but anyway, this Steve Taylor fellow seems to write a lot of interesting things
  4. No mate my name is not Derek - Derek is the name of a TV show by Ricky Gervais.

    My name is Dave.

    As for real life - that is an interesting point, did you know when you close your eyes and think of a colour, the exact same parts of your brain work just like your eyes were open and could actually see it, perhaps everything is just an illusion. Like the Matrix.
  5. is that your name Derek? but hey, thanks for the Stepen Taylor referral. my name is Andy in real life, if there is indeed one
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