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  1. Cool, sent the invite. Let me know if you don't get it. Draft is 7 tonight.
  2. You can have it, I won't fight ya. . .
  3. I bet I'm fatter, balder, and whiter.
  4. Yup. Falling Rock taphouse at 19th and Blake, sometime around 7. Cheese might want to go someplace else at some point. I'm the fat bald white guy, and MO's the ginger midget-- can't miss us.
  5. What time? And is it still at the same place?
  6. It's on.

  7. Will do.
  8. Works for me man. Keep me posted.
  9. Probably the Falling Rock ( ) on the corner of 19th and Blake. I will send out PMs when I know for sure, and have a time established. Think that will work for you?
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