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  1. That's a given!!!

    Racists gonna racist.
  2. They would have hated Ali, were he doing his thing today.
  3. He is not a fan.
  4. No clue - I'd guess it was either deleted by the OP, moved to P and R, or something like that?
  5. What happened to the thread?
  6. It is a little disheartening.
  7. You will make an impact on people who are reading and not contributing, and at least make people, albeit briefly, reconsider their stances.
  8. Mental illness isn't real, people are weak, suicide is selfish, most people are good, I am just a filthy pinko commie libtard that knows nothing about anything. That's how it will end up. But before we get there I might be able to add some value to some people's opinion?
  9. Yeah, the keeping you in the ballpark thing is kinda the main intent.

    Also I find when I ask people what makes them happy.... They often talk about external events, or material things and often their happiness is dependant on others. But usually the content question gets a much more introspective answer, with more meaningful things such as family, congregations, experiences and to live a good life.
  10. I don't mean to be coy, but now I think that saying would have meaning if I wanted it to; whereas when you made that statement I think I said it was probably meaningless overall. But it doesn't fall on deaf ears - if I try to have a place in the world where I can be content, it will eventually allow for me to find happiness. While happiness isn't tied to being content, if one can't be content because they're always in a bad state, they're less likely to be happy. Content serves as a better segue to happiness and keeps you in the ballpark.
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