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  1. Yep.
  2. Yessir
  3. Yessir
  4. All he does is celebrate on the court. To me his high kicks or stuff like that is way less douchey than LBJ dunking on someone and flexing/staring (which is supposed to be a technical but he's never called on it) and talking smack. LBJ is the same guy who once proclaimed that he's only had four bad games in his entire career. Curry is just a dude with a laid back and fun personality.

    And to be honest, I'd like LBJ if he actually did what he really wanted - he wants so badly to be the bad tough guy villain. He's just two faced about basketball. Then again, his response to the ******* idiots who vandalized his house with racism was incredible. I have mixed feelings about LBJ. But Curry is the man. I think people here hate him because they're mostly Nugget and OKC fans.
  5. I do not, in any way, like sounding like I'm defending her. She is/was a horrible candidate. But don't be a hypocrite.
  6. He's a good man - he admits his leanings. But your post 'inspired' my followup.
  7. I found a replay of the game last night - the play we argued over about curry and LBJ on the non-offensive call, if you watch it again, LBJ holds the ball with his right hand and pushes curry with his left.

    But later on LBJ gets hacked without a few calls.

    I think they really were telling their stars that no star treatment was going to happen - or at least less of it.
  8. I will give them a listen.
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