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  1. What are you talking about? You've really got a stick up your ass about being wrong. Let it go. You were wrong. You trolled and acted like a child all last year too. Again, if you can't handle it dont dish it. You are taking this too far now relax.

    Ps. Mo and I were not talking here inspector. We were texting elsewhere when he said it. I have a Screen shot
    There was no sarcasm but it wasn't here.
  2. Oh - and if you couldn't read into the sarcasm of MO's post, you're dumber than I thought. Which is actually saying somthing!
  3. Maybe if you stopped acting like a 13 year old, that'll happen.
  4. Yeah man feel good! Sleeping still sucks, there is absolutely no comfortable position to sleep in with the sling, and any comfy position either moves or puts pressure on the shoulder which hurts a surprisingly considerable amount. That said im hardly ever in pain and ive stopped taking any and all meds. I dont like them anyway and man do they have a potent effect on me.

    Still 2 more weeks in the sling. Then i can hopefully be done with it and done sleeping in the recliner. Ive never wanted to sleep on my stomach so badly in my life.
  5. Hey Bud - how are you feeling? Any better?
  6. Hey check your emails. I sent another one.
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