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  1. HA!

    I hope you and your family are well, and Merry Christmas!
  2. Yeah but I couldn't high five where others could see, because I'm still me LOL Happy Holidays buddy!
  3. Thanks for the nice comment re: my grandbaby! She is beautiful. I wish we could see them more!
  4. Congrts're grand daughter is so beautiful. You will love every minute of it. Enjoy her as much as possible....hugs!
  5. You're more than welcome for the lift! Anytime, Pola.
  6. thank you for your kind's times like this I so appreciate good people and you are on that list. I think of you as a friend as well.
  7. Hey there....July is here and we were talking about having a get together for the first stadium practice. Have sent a message to Dog but you guys are much better at the organization than I am. Here is the date and I'll leave it up to you guys to post and tell me what to bring....hope to see you very soon!!!! Sunday, July 27
    11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. (open practice at Sports Authority Field at Mile High)
  8. Would love to see you tonight....hope you and Mrs. J can make it.
  9. I still have it. I was going to hold it until I see Dog and SR next week (and possibly buff and tubby) then send it to Beef or whoever is in the rotation. Also, I haven't posted pictures of your trinkets, because they're going to whoever is next on the list and they should post the articles they receive from you!
  10. Hey do you still have the jersey? I may be down your way tomorrow and could pick it up and pass it on to Dog....just let me know if that works out...p
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