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  1. On the bright side, Chubb is the next T-Sizzle . A guy who can get 15ish sacks and just blow up the run game. Probably a little more athletic and able in coverage, too. I'm focusing on that and not thinking what if.
  2. And Dansby was good but played great in a perfect system in Arizona. And was solid to good everywhere else. It might be a nice pickup, except Dansby had enough speed to do some covering. IDK - I just hate the hand-waving-away that we do for players with serious flaws. Then we get surprised when those flaws show up on game day. You'd think we were 11-5 and not the reverse with some of the posts here.

    I'm trying to be optimistic. Trying, haha.
  3. It's a different scenario because the Chiefs could afford that delaying because they were AFC top contenders. But, to think that didn't delay the development of Mahomes is a big reach, and my arms aren't that long. Keenum is a professional in the sense that TS is: they show up and work hard but they're not it. CK was in the best situation out of just about any QB in the league. His best performance was that of a game manager, and that's not my words, those are the words of Dogfish. In other words, that's not a good performance. I don't want to give him the money because he's a bad player, and if he is doing well in a situation just about everyone else would be doing better. There is one sure fire QB in this class and his name is Rosen. He's the best passer. He's the smartest guy, and he has the most heart because he doesn't have to be in the NFL. But, as smart as he is, he ignores logic and goes out there to play NFL ball. Traditional? No. But who cares? That guy can't be a bust unless he gets hurt. And, concussions happen to anyone at any time and as far as weight goes, he's going to gain weight whereever he goes.

    We're going 8-8 and ******* up the future. There's no hope, and no amount of fried food can salvage this day. The end is nigh, we're forseaken by god.
  4. By that logic the Chiefs screwed up Mahomes by not letting him start Week One this year. Instead he got to sit behind a professional QB and learn the trade, while working on all the things he didn't get to in college without the pressure of trying to do them with the AFCW pass rushers smashing him in the face for a little bit. I don't see it man. Case Keenum is a professional. Is he as good as he looked in Minny? Well that's something the Broncos have to make happen. He has two Pro Bowl receivers to work with. Get him another TE so he has some safety valves, an improved OL (I'd like to draft a top guard and rent a right tackle while we draft another to understudy), and another RB who can catch passes out of the backfield and pick up protections and let's go. The Broncos have a millionty picks in this draft and all sorts of ways to improve.

    Keenum costs 18 million a year for 2 years. Best case, next year is not guaranteed, whoever they draft (or still have on the roster) shows they can be the QBOTF and they replace Keenum. Technically the best case is that Keenum turns into Rich Gannon, but let's not get crazy. Worst case? They have the same problems at QB in the next 2 years that they've had in the past 2, Elway is gone, and the Broncos will have to figure it out. There's no QB who is an automatic success in this draft - the first-rounders are fetishes for draftniks too. It's always random luck that saves us. Manning was random luck. Elway giving the Colts the finger was random luck. Adding pro bowlers with undrafted free agents is random luck. Luck plays a big part in roster construction.

    So yes, the Broncos need to get lucky at QB, just like they've always needed to since forever. I don't see what's so distressing about that. My big concern was that they'd move up to draft a QB and then David Carr him into oblivion with a terrible line. Let me worry about avoiding that fate first.

    Relax, my friend.
  5. We're ******. Keenum is average at best - if we don't take a QB early we'll be begging for scraps and be out of reach next year to get one, without picking one via trade up. This mid-tier signing at QB has massive ramifications for us. Even if we take a real QB, he's going to have delayed development. Elway wasn't smart enough to see the forest for the trees and placed the weight of a bad offense on a guy whose track record is pathetic. We're going to take a random offensive lineman and the fans will stamp their feet and clap in joy because 'that's how good teams are built' as we forget how many 'great teams' have had lines and done nothing with them. If we wanted to avoid a total rebuild, you take a QB ready for the pros and you install one offensive lineman, which we have the money for. At that point you either keep Talib (maintaining the only strength of the team) or sign another defender who should make more of an impact.

    Roster building 101 was just murdered today - I'll be interested to see what the dead money would be on the deal because that's the most pertinent part of the contract. We have, at best, a weak division contender/WC contending team. And that is never enough to justify avoiding a full rebuild. When the defense gets even worse this year, we're going to see Keenum have to chuck the ball. It wasn't a good short term solution and all it does is bastardize the long term scenarios with complication and delaying the draft. And before anyone says it, the second round QBs in this draft are just fetishes for draftniks. We're left praying for outliers and random luck to save us.

    To justify his money, which isn't even close to top dollar for a QB, CK has to repeat his best performance in a tougher circumstance. If we took the names off of the franchises, people would have guessed that we were the Bengals. Let's hope things go well and then we can be the NFL's next version of last year's Titans squad. /barf.
  6. Naw man, I actually look for your posts. Sometimes you just have to let the fields lie fallow. I switch which teams I'm more focused on every few years to keep from burning out, that's all.
  7. I hope I haven't been a detriment to you posting here, G.
  8. I am a huge Paxton Lynch fan in regards to what he can do on the field. I honestly think had Lynch taken even a quarter of the snaps under center that Goff or Wentz had we wouldn't have been able to draft him. I see a bigger Steve Young.
  9. Seattle Mariners, King. Before I got here I spent most of my time on a Mariners board as g_moneyball.
  10. You much of a baseball fan (if at all)?
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