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  1. Thank you so's for the best for him....he had cancer and it was just eating him up, but it's adjustment with our everyday life. I slept on the couch the last 3 weeks so he could stay down stairs. Dang if I didn't fall asleep on it last night for awhile....thanks again.
  2. Lots of travel! I know how you feel! I've got a few more trips coming this year...
  3. I'm going a town south of Sacramento first and then to Santa Clara the 2nd week. It's funny my show is really close to the stadium...I park right across from it. Then I'm home for 2 weeks and then Houston, Tucson and by Tacoma, WA in 3 weeks....then done till next year...thank goodness!
  4. Sorry you had a rough week but glad you're getting better. Where in CA are you of too?
  5. I had a tough week last week. Just a lot of things got to me and I had a migraine on Thurs and then my ulcer flared up. So I'm trying to get read to go to CA on Weds for 2 weeks and just go with the flow of life.... Hope things are going well for you.
  6. I'm doing great. I only have one show at the end of Aug and it's close to home....finally!!! I needed the break. Have got to spend time with my grand's just wonderful....but it's nice to come back home too.... big hugs buddy!!!
  7. Hey hey! I'm having a great night, just relaxing with the wife. How are you? Can't wait for the opener!
  8. Hi sweetie...hope you are having a great night. It has been fun to watch and I was really worried before the game started.
  9. That's awesome P! Glad you got to do that, have a great trip!
  10. OK sweetie....was on the news day I'll pm the whole story...on my way to Dallas tomorrow....big hugs...
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