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  1. Of course she does.
  2. And just like that Emma Watson saves the world again.
  3. YAAAAAS!!!! Alright, we're good again!
  4. Ask and ye shall receive.... lol
  5. You need to bring Emma back...I can never put Emma on ignore.

    dilly dilly.
  6. I'm sure I do...
  7. Lmao, you take this board WAY to serious dude. But if you want to ignore me go right ahead. Dilly Dilly
  8. Back to the pit of ignore list with you, dilly dilly....
  9. When people start making digs at you just because you don't agree with them... It's detrimental to healthy conversation. At that point, I can find other people to talk to.

    We can disagree without getting personal about it...
  10. As I've recently learned through P&R the stuff that gets talked about on here isn't worth getting upset about. I don't really need to try to persuade anyone to agree with me because chances are I won't change their mind anyway.
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