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  1. That was pretty funny.
  2. I got dumber after having read Judge Judy.
  3. Thats good to know. I shall set the arrow on fire for you.
  4. In my will I have it written that I am to be given a Viking funeral. I even have a bowman.
  5. Nonsense, take 3 excedrin, grab a cheerleader for a quick handjob and get back on the field. lol
  6. I have a migraine and bad knee pain. So I'm probably a little grouchy, too.
  7. Of course, and im sorry if you thought i was taking a shot at you. Thats twice today where it thought i was just being funny and i ended up offending someone. My apologies. \m/
  8. Yea, highly annoying.
  9. Fan police suck.
  10. Dude, you ******* NAILED that last post in the Town Hall Thread. Well done.
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