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  1. yo med, where are you?
  2. Lol, I am good thank you. I agree they have no clue. BTW my Canes had a fluke win over your hawks last week. They are so up and down but at least they dont suck like the Broncos. There is no Tebow on the Canes. Glad Chic won tonight.
  3. hey buddy! whats up? Shit Im just getting so tired of the tebow huggers... its like they dont actually watch the games I think they watch replays of Florida beating Wake Forest on game days.
  4. I am good thank you, I hope all is well. I am looking fwd to hockey this year. Go Canes and Hawks.
  5. whats up man?
  6. hey weazel, check out my thread in hockey. I respect your op. Thanks
  7. the only way the Hawks win the cup is if they play perfect the entire playoffs. They can not have any off games, because neither Huet nor Niemi can steal games for the team. Huet will be gone next season, they will trade him in the off-season and not get much for him, but it will free up some cap space. They did inquire about Vokoun at the deadline but Florida wanted way too much. I think Vokoun will be in Vancouver or Philly next season.
  8. Hello Weazel. I think the Hawks need to shore up their goaltending before making a deep run in the playoffs. Huet is shaky and Niemi is inexperienced. I hope they get it togethter soon. Too good of a team to not make a huge run this year. Take care, med aak john
  9. merry xmas to you too, med...
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