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  1. Just for the record, I love you, and love trolling you even more! Just let me know if I'm getting out of hand, or you're tired of it. i.e. being a snowflake.

    hehe... <3
  2. He and I will merge into one person and become KingScribe. And then the world will truly ******* burn, haha.
  3. No.
  4. I would also live in Texas.
  5. Well, go eat something you fat fvck!

    Love you, brother.
  6. I'm just grumpy and hungry.
  7. Also, don't be such a pvssy!
  8. Good grief King. They provide what THAT society needs and desires. It doesn't matter what some high finance attorney from Southern Illinois thinks.

    Its what makes America, America.
  9. Unless, of course, those two sentences are correct. I'm sorry, but small towns with a Krogers and three churches aren't really giving us great cultural contributions.
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