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  1. Love ya, man. But, I will never publicly admit it.
  2. for some one i hate so much, you sure do make me laugh
  3. Oh. You meant 2019? I thought you meant Sept 19 THIS year.

    Never mind then. I retract my previous offer, and I hope your plane crashes.

  4. Definately mate - that would be cool.

    4 days - a game - a hotel in downtown denver - flights - and some other stuff to still be agreed with the tour operator.

    Should be great - it is expensive though so that is why it is not until next year as i need to pay the bugger off each month!
  5. For real? We'll have to get together for lunch/dinner or drinks at least!
  6. I'm in italy with work, been busy!!!

    Never too busy to call you an old ******* though!!!
  7. Hey man! How you doing? Too busy to mingle with us yanks?

    Hope you're well.
  8. I am cool mate, thanks!
  9. i know dude - it made me laugh
  10. Happy birthday you bloody numpty!
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