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    Would you, if willing and you have time, give me your thoughts on this?
  2. That song you liked (Joe Budden) sampled somewhat heavily this song, which I think is also great. Lana Del Ray is hit or miss, but she's wonderful. Definitely a smart musician and this song has so much personality and is structured so well. I've been listening to it as I've been structuring my moot court stuff this past week.
  3. It says page not found - but that's the dailywire my man. I don't read tabloids. I clicked it though, because I love yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!
  4. yo homie. this shit is interesting
  5. Just not in the biblical sense of the word. Please.
  6. Really? I had an entire memo due on it and I killed it, but I was taught to always argue that a change in a relationship existed because that's super open to interpretations and it lets the judge have an easy out. Holy ****, now that I think about it, numerous jurisdictions have different elements, assuming it's recognized...

    Hawg, I'm going to mount you.
  7. Just argue promissory estoppel.
  8. I'm actually embarrassed that I missed that contracts thing. Like super embarrassed.
  9. I'm just a snowflake, Kinger. Sensitive and such.

    Didn't want to psot it in that thread - don't feel like fighting over semantics with the masses - I DO hope this isn't as bad as the salute thing.
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