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  1. In my heart, I never left. I miss you too! I hope you're doing well these days.
  2. are you back??? I've missed you so much!!! Big hugs sweetie.
  3. Have not heard for anyone that I sent messages and left messages for. Just saw these on Craig's List and it's 2 so just need to find someone else to buy them with you...
  4. Sorry Cheese about the whole thing with your ex. The fact that you care if he gets hurt shows what a good person you are and not what he will do. If he goes back then there is some lesson he hasn't or won't learn but that has nothing to do with you. We can't control people even those we love or did. Take care of yourself right now and feel your pain, because it is yours but give yourself time limits to how long you stay there. Hope that doesn't sound too preachy, I just care about you...hugs....p
  5. are you on by any chance????
  6. thanks... I'm just been working so much and ever since I got diverticulitis I just don't have the energy I use to. So I've had to really pick and choose what to spend time on. The neg got to me so it was just easier to take a break and focus on work. Buss is getting better, gas going up has been a little tough. Otherwise I happy and of luck in you next adventure....
  7. hey pm me you e-mail address. I have a picture to share with you....
  8. Oh course not sweetie..... Oh men!!!! You know there are posters on here I will probably never take off ignore, it just works better for me that way. Those 2 are such good guys, I just want to slap them and they were messing with my smile. Have a great day, I'm doing better all the way around. I'm working on a baby quilt for Coach's little girl, I'm a softie. Plus I found out that with Ben still being there he'll get it....sewing machine is calling my name. Thank you so much for being so dang kind and sweet.
  9. I hope you don't mind me using your quote in my sig. The more I read it, the more I realized how genius it was. <3 lady!
  10. Which one???? Sorry that was just too easy to not post. Hey it's been getting so ugly I can totally understand the move. Take care sweetie....
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