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  1. I'll share it when I hit my body fat % goal. I hope to be within range by my 43rd birthday, late April. I start with a new personal trainer Monday. My old one quit my gym Wednesday-- tough loss, but we are friends and will stay in touch. Joe was a huge help to me -- and my new trainer is his recommendation. Joe earned my trust -- Becky will do fine. I've had some of her weightlifting classes and have had 2 stretching sessions with her.

    Thanks for the kind words. I am so fired up about what lies ahead. I was sleepwalking through life for years and years. Keep it up -- being fit and staying that way is in your hands. It will only get better... I swear that.
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement i'm probably at the best shape of my adult life right now and only getting more fit. I see your living life to the fullest and that's all it's about. I'll keep putting up my milestones as they happen. Hope to see yours on there 2.
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