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  1. That's awful. Nasty twist of fate or whatever that it happens the day before he's leaving. I have to say that there are times where I'm glad I live in a rural place. It's not like there is no crime, but the violent crime is very low. Mostly drug related thefts, but very, very little violent crime. Man that sucks.
  2. This kid had had a horrible life. Both parents drug addicts, he was an alcoholic at 18. He was to be moving to Kentucky today to start over. He's like an adopted child in our family. When he had nowhere to go, he always started with us. Some random despicable act in a park. He was protecting his girlfriend. This world ******* sucks.
  3. Hope he turns out to be ok. What kind of ****** up world do we live in.
  4. You're fine, report was fine. Pissed that he kept going well after I sent the ip.
  5. T, I'm so sorry. If you need anything at all, please let me know! I'll be keeping your family in my prayers!
  6. Great, thanks. Figured that was probably the case, but trying to keep the ball and chain, errr, lovely wife, happy.
  7. Hi doll, we haven't been up there yet. I am guessing with Christmas coming we will be up there within the next couple weeks.
  8. Dork!!
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