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  1. I agree with you Carol....the team as in players and staff love Kubes.... He needs to do something else if his health isn't right, but dang I got sick of reading different mean posts about him. He's a great person and will leave a big hole at Dove.
  2. Thanks for you support Carol on the Sam thread. You're just sweet, sweet person and it shows in so many different ways....take care...p
  3. Hey have you read anything of when the next OTA"s are? Thanks KY right now so will be looking for posts on the draft. I don't have a TV where I'm staying....I really appreciate any help....p
  4. Trying to win tickets for his charity and I can't find anything..... Thanks for your sweet Birthday wishes!
  5. any chance are you still on??? By any change do you know the names of Eric Deckers Dogs?
  6. I am doing much better. Not normal yet but on the right road. The stuff had really settled into my upper resp and I was coughing up really scary things. Thank goodness I could stay home all week and slept a lot. Hope all is well with you these days....take care....p
  7. Thank you are good. Hope it all turns out ok....
  8. Hey something is going on in my neighbor hood When we were leaving to go to the store 4 police cars when by. Then as we were going to turn on 112th, 5 more were coming our way. It's been almost 3 hours and that part of the neighborhood is still blocked with police and I saw a firetruck and ambulance when we came back. If you hear of anything off 112 and Pecos, could you let me know? I'm sure it's domestic, but still very freaky...oh and hit conversation when you reply so it comes up on my site...thanks....p
  9. Oh sorry. I wasn't saying that Doom could not play but he would not be as effective. Like it matters now. Thanks for not leaving me alone in positive only.
  10. The problem is that I think the report is true. At the game I noticed that something had happened to him and that was having a hard time getting to the sidelines sometime in the 4th Qrtr. Then he came back out but something didn't look right. After the game I saw him and asked if he was ok and his response was yeah I'll be fine but was limping in a different way. Also Fells left with a blow up cask on his ankle. The boys are beat up, so who knows what will happen today. That extra game takes a lot out of them...
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