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  1. LOL...The Broncos looked good first half...sucked in the second half last season...esp in that last game they played...
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you also....B
  3. I don't make it a habit of trolling and though it was have to admit it was the truth...
  4. Even when you try to troll, it's weak...
  5. lol..yes but did you see what I posted after they all called me a troll...I became a troll..
  6. You! Duuh!
  7. what isn't trolling? them or me?
  8. That's not trolling though. I thought they were kidding, but whatever.

    I still love you.
  9. Thank you much! Do you like the win better or the avy better?
  10. I like your Av it's sexy. Congrats on 1st W.
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