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  1. np np

    still don't know which post you mean lol

    all good
  2. I just went off on one of the posts in that thread. No big deal. Hope you are well.....john
  3. Med,

    I have no idea what you're talking about Bro.

    Please elaborate.

  4. Hey buddy, if I sounded harsh in that stupid thread I do apoligize.
    Us conservatives have tos stick togehter. Also I am just so aggravated with Denver. Watching Oak and KC go by us is sad really.

    take care,,,,,med aka John
  5. lol its for emphasis for us Italians. It can be a compliment to someone or a term
    of endearment if I like the person but for Olberman it is the real meaning take care. John
  6. I've never seen the word 'chooch' spelled out before!
  7. Dodd is going down in 2010... The GOP Simmons leads by 16% even though it's early polling. That AIG boloney is killing him. Hopefully Conn gets wise next year.
  8. I must add that my unlce is a conservative like us too my friend.

    and he lives in liberal Conn, like I live in liberal MA lol we have been poisoned for years in NE with all the kennedy crap. oh well.
  9. Liberty and Tyranny- A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levinis now #1 on the NY Slimes best seller list and broke some kind of sales records at Amazon. It's a safe bet it sold thousands more than Nacy Pelosi's book... that grandma hippie whore.
  10. Shazam, next up on the book list Culture Warrier by our friend Bill Orielly. His autobiography should be read by the left they might learn something
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