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  1. I wonder to what extent his biases can be blamed on his intellectual disability.

    It is duly noted, gracias por la informacion.
  2. Yes, Abe. Yes. He's made comments about ye olde Middle Easterners/their religion and the hair of black people.
  3. No hard feelings, just saying maybe his response was a normal response and not a personal attack or vendetta or issue or w/e. And maybe you took his initial response too personally when it was just a pissed off Broncos fan being a pissed off Broncos fan.

    Or maybe there are personal issues....but the way I read the exchange lends me to believe there was nothing personal in the initial response to your consolation prize!
  4. You're posting consolation prizes as a Steelers fan on a board full of pissed off Broncos fans as the Broncos are getting their ass handed to them. I don't need to know about the situation. I also did not give a **** that you, a Steelers fan, were more afraid of Teddy than Lock. As a fan of the Broncos angry at losing and at loser trolls, hearing the consolation was annoying to even me! And I'm not a notorious bah humbug like the other guy. It should not have been a shock to have received that response from him regardless of what other stuff y'all may or may not be reading into about the other person.

    **** the Steelers!
  5. If you don't know about the situation then by definition the rest of your MHS is meaningless.
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