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  1. I'm stuck doing late night homework. I have to be at school at 7 tomorrow. Multiple writing assignments. This week is hell, man. I'll catch the highlights tomorrow, unfortunately.
  2. Nugs vs. Spurs is on TNT in a few.
  3. Okay, well, don't get banned over me. . . Also, understand this-- when I said you should watch more games, it wasn't meant as a dig at all. I was serious-- you SHOULD watch some more, because they're a legitimately fun, exciting young team. They have consistently played their best against top competition, which is what gives me confidence that they will be fine in the playoffs. And if they're not, then it's still better to learn and fight their way through that. If anything, their main problem in the playoffs will be amping up their physicality, and IT obviously doesn't help with that. And as far as defense, lots of top players play tough D, especially in the playoffs. It's a big part of why the Heat won, and why the Warriors and Spurs win. Even if he gets healthy, IT is a short term fix that will still leave us well short of the top teams. And there aren't enough minutes for him and Murray, nor is it worth all that cash just to stunt Jamal's development. You're not wrong that a more proven scorer would be a nice addition, but they badly need a replacement for the near-useless Chandler-- especially because none of the other wings or forwards on the team is a natural fit at the three, except maybe old ass RJ. The Nugs have a sufficiency of guards and bigs, it doesn't help the roster construction at all to add another G. Plus they need to maintain some salary cap space, which they already don't have a ton of. As it is they're going to need to move Chandler and Faried to free up space to sign Jokic (and eventually Murray) to sizeable extensions.

    Nah, bruh. IT doesn't make any sense to me in the greater scheme of things.
  4. I can't respond in kind anymore - I'm on a short leash. I got in trouble for calling another poster a fool, earlier. The issue with your idea is essentially that Isiah is old (he's a year older than Harden, two over George) and that he won't recover - injuries are a process- and that he doesn't play defense (no one does, including Harden, Curry, Kyrie, even CP3 is slacking) and that he's small (so what, it's never mattered). In the postseason you have to score to win. Assuming that the NUggets will just get buckets when they've never been there before is a bad idea. Especially when a lot of the scoring comes from guys who are just above average; those guys get murdered a lot in the postseason when D is actually played by the non-star players.

    Isiah Thomas was a killer in the postseason and that's something no one on the team can say, including Milsap. As far as watching them play, I've caught a few games, but I stay up-to-date on the rankings, stats, highlights, trends, etc. The Nuggets are a team I follow. I've been following them for quite some time now. Ever since I stopped being a Celtics fan. Two or three years ago, give or take.
  5. Oh, come on. You ride Layne like a rented mule over hoops, but I can't exchange a bit of aggressive banter with you? Don't be mad cuz I broke yer idea down. Tell me where I was wrong, and I'll rescind it. Have you watched many of their games this year?
  6. Life is paaaaain!
  7. Why do you hate everything?
  8. A horrible beast, it's true. As far as I know, millennials were the largest single voting block when 45 got "elected," so no salute there. Get out there and earn it in the mid-terms, you kids! At least I don't have to worry about you and skinny jeans. . .
  9. You are a sordid beast! By the way, millennials' work harder, are better educated, and have to clean up your generations' mess. Salute the generation that didn't vote Trump in, ya rat *******!
  10. Lolz. WTE's not a millennial, he can take the heat. You gotta know he'd be dishing it out five times worse if he was on the right end of it. Besides, Boston teams win all the damn time-- I doubt he's all that broken up.
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