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  1. Thanks....what I didn't post was that on my way to Dallas I got a low tire symbol on my van. I found out that the local hospital messed a simple procedure and Dad had to be flown out to Pueblo. My tire on my cart blew up on my second trip to set up and my room in KY got cancelled at the last minute. The van tire was a nail...thank goodness for mom and pop that was still open, Dad's OK, bought a new cart and after I booked the wrong dates for KY their Chamber found a person for me to rent a room from...tough couple of weeks, but I am feeling a lot better...the snow is keeping me inside to thanks for being kind...
  2. Thanks Buff... and wow. I really don't think myself as liberal, but I guess this is a football board. Hope things are going well for you these days....later....p
    When the jersey comes back....we all need to meet up and catch up without a game the next day....
  3. No I haven't. I have no idea what has happened to him. Have you posted anything on his page? I would think with hockey back we would of seen something from him. Let me know if you see a post, I will let him know that I miss him.
  4. Thanks for that. I thought I was feeling better but I have a pretty nasty stuff that is not going to go away easy and this cold is not helping. I have meds for 10 days and I think it's going to take 9 1/2 before I'm really back on my feet. I looked up who the Sharks and Dallas still have to play and one of the games is each other so not good. Oh well....bummer.
  5. Stop by the poker tourn tomorrow night, see Karl Mecklenburg's charity post. I have several things signed by Avs players that will be in the silent auction. Also I have a pair of hockey gloves that Sakic signed that I'm putting in the Raffle, tickets for the Raffle are only $ 5.00 and there will be a box of which item you would like to win. All the money raised goes to the DPS reading program, so it's a good cause...p
  6. That is so funny, I was just looking through the pictures and saw yours. I did expect someone more "Boulderie". Hey if I ever see you in the store or Taco Bell I'll say Hi, take
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