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  1. Thanks bud! I’m not going to let the state of politics ruin the plans me and my family have. No matter how bad it seems, other countries are in way worse shape, especially the one I just left!
  2. I'm sorry you're coming back when we are like this as a country, Slick.
  3. Anyone who criticizes Rosen has nothing to say about him as a football player or his skills as a QB.

    Look who doesn't like him. All of our conservative posters. They simply don't like him because he is a California liberal who wore a **** Trump hat.

    It's so obvious.
  4. I love you, man. More than you ever know. I'd give you my last McRib.
  5. I know sometimes I piss you off, and sometimes I'm an ass, but when it comes to the P and R, if I see a post of mine that was hi-fived by you, I know I did good. I'm sorry for being an ass, Slick. I'd say I was just responding to my environment growing up, but that's not a good enough reason.
  6. Slick, as per usual you are correct. But, I gotta put out there what I gotta put out there - it's science.
  7. Man...I really want to be a dick and point out how that Sacramento cop issue validates Colin Kaepernick.
  8. You won. He didn't get up from that.
  9. I'll watch a few games. I prefer a team with either dominating offense or defense. For some reason I don't really like 'balanced' teams.
  10. Man U is considered one of the top clubs in all of Europe. They've had a down year this year but they'll be back. I became an Arsenal fan because of their style of play. They play attacking football and they never sit back and try to nurse a 1 goal lead like other teams.

    I can't tell you which team to adopt. Maybe watch a few games and see. For my money the EPL is the best league top to bottom. I do like watching Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid because they have some of the world's best players. Also Bayern Munich is loaded as well. Same with Paris St Germain. The problem with the Spanish, French and German leagues is the level drops off after those teams. There's a lot of talent in Italy too but I don't really like the style of play.
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