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  1. Anytime man, if there's anythign I can do to help or any questions I can answer feel free to text me or reach out., 504-669-8907
  2. I think I'm gonna talk to the bank and try and get a loan tomorrow so I can pull the trigger on that Fit. Looks like what I'm wanting, and a thorough google search shows that the majority of people say it's reliable.

    I appreciate all of your help!
  3. That's a good looking Fit and Vroom seems to be for real, i've never personally used them but I don't see people making a fuss about them online anywhere. I also don't have any personal experience with the Fit but I trust Honda to make a reliable, utilitarian vehicle. Repairpal (online repair database) gives it a 4.5 (excellent) rating for reliability and JD Power gives it a 4 (good). Both have it ranked in the top 5 for economy subcompacts. With the exception of 2015 they've been well rated for reliability.

    On your car.... that's a tough call. Your trade-in value if it was in "very good" condition, meaning in great shape, no dents or dings, and only minor paint blemishes, etc. would be between $3,000 - 4,000. Subtract from there any repairs, damages to the exterior or interior, and you're at zero or negative.

    If the dealership is willing to give you $1,000 for it i'd take it. If less you have to ask yourself if it's worth the hassle of trying to offload it yourself. $1,000 is probably all you can reasonably expect to get for it.
  4. Also - what should I do with my current car? Obviously it won't move because it needs a new transmission. Do I let the dealer keep it/auction it and give me whatever shitty price they can get for it, or should I drag it around and see if I can get anything more for it before giving it away for nothing?

    What's a good price for a 2013 Focus with 78k miles that needs a new transmission? What price should I not accept from a dealer?
  5. Cool suggestions - thanks. I'm liking the Civic and the Fit. The Fit is a little more goofy looking, but I don't mind it and I like the hatchback.

    Most importantly it has great reliability ratings, and it looks like I can get a low-mileage Fit for a solid price on this website Vroom that delivers nationwide. I'm very intrigued. What say you? Too good to be true?
  6. A little pricier but this one is pretty nice, I like the small SUV
  7. I live smack dab in the Panhandle. Nearest actual city is Amarillo Tx, 2 hours away.
  8. Remind me where in Oklahoma you live?
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