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  1. You mean my wife? lol

    Nah, i havent had a chance to show her yet. She is away for the weekend going to a friends wedding. Thank god for the Broncos/Ravens game to get me out of that.
  2. My only issue would be the singer lacks any sort of stage presence. She should have a little more oomph in what she's doing. The sound of the band and her voice is excellent though. Not easy to replicate KD. What'd your gf think?
  3. Yea, i think you and i have had this discussion before. Definitely love the older stuff like "Abigail" and "Them" more than recent years.
  4. Like King Diamond?

    There's a reason I'm asking, I think I asked you before.

    Love old KD, his newer stuff Im not too crazy about.
  5. Word brutha.
  6. Awesome av.
  7. np, gimme a week
  8. Just PM me your address and I'll mail them to you, gimme like a week.
  9. sure, ill take them. Appreciate it.
  10. I used to love King diamond, but as I got older it's a little to crazy for me. I have Them, Conspiracy, Spider's Lullabye and Abigail CDs. I don't think I'll listen to them anymore. If you want them and don't have them I'll mail them to you, and I'll put them into my computer in case I want them in the future.
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