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  1. ps hit conversation when you answer so I know that you have answered.....
  2. Hey Coach.... any chance there will be a Decker or Doom jersey this year? BTW you are missed a lot by me. I may be a sunshine junkie, but dang it this is my team too. Hey let me know if you would like a auto of anyone special this year. There are some I have no luck with, but give several names and I'll see if I can't get one of them.....take care....p
  3. Hey Coach, I finally have a little extra money, do you still have the connection with the jerseys? I guess I could go to Travelers site, but I miss hearing from you...thanks
    I'm looking for a Deckers...BTW
  4. Trust me I understand that one. There is hope though. First with the poll, it was about75 % support and 25 not. That tells me the loud mouths are trying to run the place.

    Second with Overtime leaving and all the happy posts, oh I almost did a happy dance in my hotel room, it gives me a lot of hope. Please stick around Tned did a lot of work to get this going and I would have to leave it to those who just love to hate and write junk.
  5. I just waiting for global warming to be Coach's fault too....

    Oh well at least I can still read you posts.
  6. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.
  7. I'm so happy with out team this year Coach. I also appreciate your well thought out posts, thanks for being
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