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  1. Life is good. I'll have my first show later in May and I'm excited and a little nervous too. Had tough time with my second shot, but I've recovered. Losing Dad at the same time was so tough, but that's getting better too. We are learning how life with a younger dog in the house, she was 7 months when we got her and now she 9 months and full of prunes LOL. But otherwise everything is good. Miss ya, please take care.
  2. Likewise!

    Was glad to see you made a post or two! I trust everything is decently well? Yes, camp must happen this summer!!!
  3. Let's not try to be too logical now. LOL Miss ya, hope there is a camp this year and we can both go at the same time. hugs
  4. You are and will stay in my prayers. PM if you want to just talk or text me on my cell.
  5. The question makes are suppose to be
  6. I'm driving to Santa Clara CA. After I got gas in Rawlins WY my battery light came on. So I drove to Rock Springs and found a local auto repair place. It's my alternator and thank goodness I stopped and they figured it out. It's being repaired so I'll be one road again soon. Just pray the deer stay off the road tonight. Thanks for caring! I had talked to Champ a bunch when he played. He signed several jerseys for me so I could donate them to Mecklenburgs reading program. I was able to share that each Jersey funded a entire grade for the year in DPS. He almost teared up and thanked me telling him. I've missed you guys. Will try to make more time to stayed connected. Just traveling so much this year and I'm kind of over it...��
  7. Yes, once you download MX player and downloader, you can then google/youtube "how to install ziontv on firestick" and it will give you step by step instructions. Once you have that done you can get the gearstv app on your phone.

    So cool to meet Champ!! That is so awesome. Hes a bronco for life guy. What happened to the car, youre stranded ?? You okay? Need help?
  8. Cool thanks, I do have a Firestick but had no idea how that works. So I can download that app on my phone now? Wow you are much more tech savvy these days. I still don't post got to talk to Champ over the weekend and had a blast with several alumni, right place and knew someone. But the price I'm paying today is having problem with my alternator and kind of stranded in Rock Springs, WY. But I'm hoping to get going sooner than later. Miss ya!
  9. You buy a firestick for $30 at best buy. Then you watch a youtube video "ZionTV firestick" and they walk you through the instructions on how to download it.

    Essentially it is:
    Buy firestick
    download MX player, downloader (those are free apps)
    Enable 3rd party changes on the firestick
    Then you put in the website link in "downloader" (the free app you downloaded) and once at the weblink you download ZionTV and GearsTv and any free VPN you want.
    GearsTv you must make an account for first, from your computer. Then you download gears and it costs $10 a month.
    Then just make sure you have good internet at home

    Gears also has an app that is free that you can put on your phone
    Yesterday I was at a bridal show watching the broncos and Saturday I was watching the avs game on my, on the bench, during my hockey game. Cool stuff!

    Hope you are doing really well!!
  10. So how does hockey work on the Firestick? Hope things are going well, thanks!
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