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  1. De nada!
  2. Fantastic.
    Exactly what I needed to know. Gracias senor!
  3. Not sure if you got this, "conversation" isn't intuitive. It's my first comment.

    "Legal advice vs. friendly advice: legally--any piece of paper etc that says 'haha you can't sue me' is great. Shit changes and blue turns black when straits get dire. Friendly advice--if you are a relationship person and value those relationships as the special sauce that gives you an edge, lean into it.

    Bottom line, even an email that says 'hey, despite the risks, what do y'all think about doing this [once a week/periodically/with restrictions]' that will serve as a waiver or assumption of risk.

    Everyone on the planet is going through this. Be a courteous and thoughtful human about it and, with proper representation, you'll come out fine no matter how weird it goes. But if you think someone won't bat an eye by signing a 'I promise not to sue you' thing, then do it (every time)."
  4. The weird part is the 'signing'. If it's explicitly a waiver or a release of liability, that's kind of a moment when they say 'huh'. And I know you are reluctant to force that. So what I'm suggesting is a bit of a 'I'm giving notice of these risks' without requiring a signature. Just their response and acknowledgment. There's a subtle difference, but it's the one you have to make--relationship vs. iron shield.
  5. I was kinda hoping you might have some friendly advice for me. What do ya think? I love my staff and they LOVE me but at the same time, why give ghen a rope to hang me, just in case?

    What dk you think about some documentation absolving me of ckvid liability? Think thats smart?
  6. Nice!!

    I figured this would be good for you. Glad it will be. And the rate is quite attractive. Smart move
  7. Would you like to take more of my money?
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